Fair or not, Mac Jones’ NFL reputation might be beyond repair.

For at least the fourth time since entering the NFL in 2021, the Patriots quarterback is facing accusations of being a “dirty” player. This time, it’s allegations from Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner that have people around the NFL tearing into New England’s third-year quarterback.

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After the Patriots left New York with a 15-10 win Sunday, Gardner told reporters that Jones intentionally hit him in the “private parts” during a fourth-quarter scuffle. Jones denied the claims, but the NFL reportedly has opened an investigation.

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Gardner on Monday offered what he considers video evidence, but the clip is inconclusive.

Whether Jones did anything wrong in this instance is up for debate. But the reality is it’s becoming difficult to keep track of all the sketchy plays he’s been involved in, so Jones is close to losing the benefit of the doubt — if he hasn’t already.

With that in mind, let’s look at the previous incidents that generated controversy.

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Nov. 7, 2021: Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers
The one that started it all. During the first quarter of New England’s eventual win, Jones was strip-sacked by Brian Burns and then pulled at the edge rusher’s ankle to prevent him from recovering a fumble. The fallout was intense, with Burns wishing “happy hunting” on other defenders set to face Jones, and Panthers players calling the play “dirty.” Jones ultimately wasn’t disciplined by the NFL, but people still cite the ankle-twist as his most egregious offense yet.

The good news: Jones and Burns eventually made up.

Oct. 24, 2022: Patriots vs. Chicago Bears
Jones pulled off not one, but two questionable slides early in a game that became infamous for something completely different. And the weirdest part? Both plays involved Bears safety Jaquan Brisker.

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The first slide saw Jones kicking out his leg and connecting with Brisker’s shin; the second saw his foot hit Brisker below the belt. Brisker — and Peyton Manning — called out Jones over the alleged cheap shots, but Jones once again avoided discipline.

Dec. 24, 2022: Patriots vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Jones delivered a low, unnecessary tackle on cornerback Eli Apple during a Bengals fumble return that eventually was called back after officials ruled it an incomplete pass. It was a bizarre, wires-crossed moment for Jones, as it still is hard to figure out what he was thinking. You could squint and make excuses for the previous plays; there’s no defending this one.

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The Bengals won. Apple ripped into Jones after the game. Nick Wright had a field day. The NFL fined him. It wasn’t pretty.

We still don’t know what fate awaits Jones for his latest alleged transgression. Perhaps the NFL possesses a better, clearer video than the one Gardner shared.

But even if the NFL doesn’t punish him, the court of public opinion reached a near-unanimous verdict a long time ago.

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